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Are you looking for a home & commercial cleaning service in Melbourne to stop dealing with all the household chores on a daily basis? At MDS Cleaning, we offer you a wide range of solutions in matters of the house cleaning services in Melbourne. Find the service you were looking for to clean your house or apartment, office with the flexibility and quality and the support of a great company.

What cleaning services do you need for your home & office?

What do you need to clean your home or office? At MDS Cleaning we adapt to what you need at home, putting trustworthy professionals at your disposal and providing you with flexible services, so that you can delegate your household chores whenever you want, with the frequency and calendars that suit you, and without any type of permanence contract.

For this, we have a staff of workers who have been previously selected, have a long history in the sector, are enrolled in the home & office cleaning.

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Services We Provide

Residential Cleaning Service

Our residential cleaning services in Melbourne meet the most varied requirements. MDS Cleaning has a team of specialists to clean all surfaces of your home, both indoors and outdoors. We specialise in cleaning when moving to a new residence, after renovations, after water damage, before the sale of a slightly dusty house or simply to give a new look to your residence. A team of experts awaits you and offers you a warm welcome. 

Office Cleaning Service

We are a comprehensive commercial cleaning company in Melbourne for companies, buildings, communities, offices and organisations. During our long career, we have trained a team of trained professionals to adapt to the client and their needs. We offer a transparent, honest and first-class service and we have proven experience working with leading clients.

Specialty Cleaning Services Melbourne

MDS CLEANING is a team if highly experienced and professionally trained team to provide comprehensive Cleaning and maintenance services in homes and commercial spaces. You can book for specialty services one day or two day in advance. We are committed to provide the high standard specialty Cleaning Services.

Hourly Cleaning At Home

Our hourly house cleaning is always adapted to your specific needs. Weekly, five-year, monthly at the times you want, without restrictions or conditions of stay, and for the household chores you need; from iron, laundry, kitchen cleaning, bathroom review, more general cleaning. At MDS Cleaning, we offer an hourly cleaning service so that you can have a qualified service when needed.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of the most tedious and costly tasks to carry out, sometimes needing the hand of professionals. At MDS Cleaning, we have experts in glass cleaning to help you deal with work and enjoy your free time as you deserve.

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Would you like to know how much it can cost you to clean your new home, to thoroughly clean the kitchen or to be able to count on a professional housekeeper on an ongoing basis? MDS Cleaning is made up of specialists and professionals committed to satisfying the needs of our clients, helping to increase development, quality and progress in our country. We provide kitchen cleaning service commercial cleaning services and gardening services to the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

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Whether you need regular end of lease cleaning, commercial cleaning, one-off residential cleaning, specialty cleaning, maintenance service & NDIS Cleaning Services our professional cleaners in Melbourne can deliver a customized cleaning solution that exceeds your expectations every time.  ​We also come to you 24/7 so that we don’t disrupt your schedule or relaxation time.​​

Are you looking for professionals for lawn mowing, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning? You don’t need to look anywhere. We have special teams to tackle each kind of dirt, or stain. All you need to do is dial us and get the best cleaning services in Melbourne city’s.

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