How Disinfectants are the Best Solution to Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Disinfectants Coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken the whole world under its grip and till date, there is no cure or vaccine to contain the virus. In situations like this, prevention is the best solution and disinfecting yourself and the surroundings is the only proven solution to keep Coronavirus (COVID-19) away.

  • According to WHO guidelines, cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects can prevent Coronavirus from entering into the body and lower the chances of infection. For more information, visit: 

  • Health ministry of Australia has said cleaning visibly soiled surfaces can prevent the chance of infection significantly.
  • Government of Victoria has also issued guidelines to use sanitizers for individual cleaning and disinfectants for surface cleaning to reduce the chances of infection
  • The state of Victoria has asked to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly and increase environment cleaning.
  • “If a passenger spreads droplets (such as sneezing, coughing or vomiting), clean surfaces with appropriate disinfectant wipes so that the potential spread of infection can be minimized.” According to the guidelines of the health ministry of Australia. Visit the following link for more information.

Observing self-isolation strictly, keeping up with social- distancing and keeping the surroundings clean is the only solution at hand to keep the COVID-19 at bay.

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