Car Detailing Service

Mobile Car Detailing & Washing Services with your One Call

No desire or time to clean your car from the inside or outside, then
you’ve come to the right place. Melbourne’s mobile vehicle cleaning
for example, intensive interior cleaning or intensive exterior cleaning
without water, without scratches, detailing including a lacquer sealing effect. We are the mobile car cleaning & wash Shepparton, Bendigo that comes to you, our trained staff will be at your location within a short time!

Car Wash Service

How Mobile Car Cleaning services Works

Simply book

Your desired appointment for mobile vehicle cleaning online or by phone on 1300 391 817 and you will receive an immediate appointment confirmation.


We will let you know as soon as our service employee is at the location you have selected. After handing over the keys, your car is brought up to scratch in an environmentally friendly manner, which is a mobile car cleaning on site.

In the meantime

Since we come to visit you no matter where, for example at work, at home or wherever you want, you can use your precious time for more important things. This is thorough mobile car care.

Car Detailing Service

Advantages Mobile Car wash in Shepparton, Bendigo

  • High-quality vehicle cleaning by hand.
  • Book on-site cleaning at the desired date.
  • Excellent quality at a low price.
  • Environmentally friendly vehicle cleaning without water.

MDS Cleaning at your desired location, at your desired date. Simply book and pay on-site in cash or by card. No matter where your car is (office, garage, restaurant, at home, etc.), our competent and highly motivated team comes directly to you and makes you and your vehicle shine. Our services can be booked online

After cleaning the inside and outside, your car looks like new. We clean every little corner of your vehicle.

The interior always has to look good and be as clean as possible? Do you value thorough exterior cleaning and want to maintain the value of the vehicle? Then you are exactly right with us. We clean your entire vehicle at a location of your choice.
We polish your vehicle to a high gloss and seal it with hard wax even for winter. Polish not only make your vehicle shine – it also protects your vehicle from external influences such as road salt, lye or dirt. That means fewer scratches, stains in the paintwork and an all-round well- maintained vehicle.

The Mobile car detailing Shepparton, Bendigo is a technique to renew and significantly improve the beauty of your vehicle carrying clean, shine and care to another level. At MDS Cleaning, we are leaders in the detailing of cars and we have exclusive products for cleaning your car body, the leading brands in the detailing world.

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